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This rendition (I got from google) of a battle between Zeon and Earth Federation forces is similar to my perspective. If someone knows who did this artwork, please let me know so I can let it be known. Thanks.

Universal Century Timeline
In order to fully appreciate this hobby, one must be familiar with the UC story, here is a quick summary of the UC era. For more information google "Universal Century" or go to

Future History:
During the near future of Earth's history, the population of humans reaches a critical point where famine, war, disease, and other apocalyptic events threaten the survival of humanity. To preserve the human existence, the countries of the world had to unite or face extinction. The unification of Earth paved the way for the creation of the Earth Federation. In anticipation of the Earths population exceeding 9 billion, the Earth Federation began a project to combat the problems that result in overcrowding. This project was called the Human Space Colonization Program and construction of the first space colony known as Side 1 around Earths orbit began. Right after the completion of Side 1, the human migration to space had began. To mark this historical event in human history the calender year AD was changed to UC (Universal Century). Forty years later in UC. 40, half of all the human population had emigrated to space and by the year UC 50, 9 of 11 billion people have emigrated to space ending the HSC Program. However with more humans now living in space than Earth, political tensions increased and by UC 0078 about half of the space colonies favored independence from the Earth Federation.
In UC 0079, the One Year War began and half of the human race wiped out. The story of Mobile SUITs starts in 0079 during the One Year War.

A Different Kind of War
The war that was fought during the One Year War between the Zeon forces and the Earth Federation was similar to that of World War 1. It was a new war that no one had experienced fighting. It was a war where the technologies used were experimental and unprecedented. A war that involved poison gas, nuclear weapons, and colony drops on Earth. This was a war with no satellite guided missile and global positioning instruments. No longer can war be fought hundreds of miles away with a push of a button. Laser guided, computer guided, and GPS guided ballistics would not work due to technological counter measures or simply because satellites used in space were easily destroyed. The war was fought with the human senses. Dog fighting and hand to hand and eye to eye. This paved the way for the ultimate military weapon created by the Zeon Forces. These weapons were called Mobile SUITs. Over 60 feet in height and with one pilot, these war machines were able to perform any task given to them. Mobile SUITs would be the premier war machine during the Universal Century. There would be many variations of Mobile Suits made for each type of environment including Space, Atmospheric, Land and Aquatic.

This is the place where I will be sharing my interpretation of Mobile SUITs from the Universal Century timeline with you, other fellow hobbyists, and Mobile SUIT lovers. All of the kits I am collecting/building are in 1/144 scale. They are plastic model kits produced by Bandai, Japan. Each are glued, sanded, deseamed, painted, decaled, washed, weathered and detailed accordingly. This is my way of expressing myself in an artistic way. Thank you for viewing.

- UC Angler

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