Tuesday, November 3, 2009

HGUC RX-79(g) Ground Gundam

Pilot: Lt. Chen-Prescott of 1st Platoon
Code Name: Cougar1
EFF Division: 52nd North American Mountainous Expeditionary Force (NAMEF)
Symbol for 52nd: Stars and Stripes Heritage
Platoon: CO of 1st and 2nd MS Platoon of the 52nd(AKA Shock Troopers)
Symbol for 1st and 2nd Platoon: Spartan Helmet
Home State: California

Lt. Chen-Prescott drafted into the Federation Military as an officer to infantry and later the special forces of the 52nd in 0079. Later in 0079, due to superior test scores on the EFSF MS test, he was given an RX-79(g)and due to lack of paint supplies portions of factory grey would be left, however, the scheme proved advantageous on the Western American Mountian range where granite rock is abundant. As leader of the MS team, he was in charge of creating the 1st and 2nd Mobile SUIT platoon for the 52nd. The MS team earned the nickname "shock troopers" and the Spartan helmet insignia was given to the MS team after stopping the Zeon Invasion Force of North America in one of the bloodiest battles on the ground . After preventing Zeon from further advance, the 52nd new mission would be to eliminate and push back all Zeon Forces from the continent. In 0081-82, the Shock Troopers would be assigned as a special OPs MS team to hunt down all 17 Zeon MS scattered along the western part of the North America with guerilla warfare tactics. He would be the only original surviving Shock Trooper member to survive that campaign and hid his MS in the mountains. In 0083, due to his skills in hunting Zeon Remnants a new Federation branch known as the Titans would later recruit him, where he would serve as a Platoon leader for the Titans until news about a Colony gassing by the Titans caused him to defect to the AEUG. He retired after the Gryps War and continued the rest of his life as an adventurer of the American Mountains where he died. Some hikers have said to have seen his missing ground gundam patrolling the same grounds he campaigned in. Internal Affairs has denied any sightings due to lack of evidence, however, new reports of sightings still continue to this day.

- All purpose acrylic paint
- Bandai decals and US AirForce Decals
- Water color wash
- Silver Drybrushing
- Pastel weathering
- Testor's dullcote


Anonymous said...

I love the camo on this.

Anthony said...

Your work is amazing, I too love HGUC kits I have a collection of over 200 Gunpla kits but HGUC are the best.

keith said...

hi thier i currently do gundam model kits. i will be working on the gp03 mg 1/100 and i wanted to know how do you get the camo effect.

UC Angler said...

I tried to click on to view your profile and send you the answer to your question but if you see this click on the WIP on the upper right of my blog. You will see how the camo is done. Dont forget to sign up on the forum.