Thursday, September 9, 2010


Mobile SUIT: RGM-79 GM
Division: 10th Artillery
Division Insignia: Yellow Roman Numeral for X on Navy Blue Shield
Rank: Corporal

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In war the medium range artillery like mortar teams have proven to be essential in assisting the friendly forces on the front lines. Usually not too far away from the front lines, artillery forces play a critical role in the aid of the defense and offense of front line infantry by pummeling enemy forces into submission. Because of the key role that artillery plays in battles, many come under fire by enemy combatants who are sent behind enemy lines to search and destroy those medium range guns. This GM is apart of the 10th Artillery Division, the same division i gave the mass production guncannon, hence addition of the same roman numeral for 10 on the skirts as i did the guncannon. However, this GMs sole responsibility is to get in between the enemy gelgoogs, zakus, rick doms etc who have made it past federation lines and
to protect the important guncannons from these threats.

- All purpose acrylic paint
- Bandai decals
- US Air Force Decals for the roman numeral 10
- Water color wash
- Pastel weathering
- Dry Brushing silver
- Testor's dullcote

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Anonymous said...

Awesome. The divisional markings, serial numbers on the feet, and other decals are fine details to look at.